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Brief Interruption: Love At The End Times – Literally

When You Can't Feel God

“Encourage my soul, and let us journey on.
For the night has come, and I am far from home.
Thanks be to God, the morning light is here.
The storm is passing over. The storm is passing over. The storm is passing over, Hallelujah.”

My husband and I were talking of the end times and sign o’ the times, which brought us to discussing current events. Many things are happening that even those hiding out in caves and crevices can clearly see this is the time like the labor pain days before birth. Where the earth tremors with moans and groans out of anguish for relief, justice, and ease of pain, torment, heartache, and hate.

My husband and I asked each other, what would we do? What DO we do?

“He did not bring us out this far, to take us back again.
He brought us out to take us into the promise land.
Though there’ll be giants in the land, we will not be afraid.
He brought us out, to take us into the promise land.”

Funny, we overheard a couple that went back and forth were one said that they would take militant force to fight back, while the other didn’t want to believe anything horrendous would ever happen within theirs or grandchildren’s lives, but swung back and forth between ‘fleeing to the hills’ or remaining blinded and/or in the dark – and these were ‘Christians.’

Why this makes a difference is belief in where our true devotion lies. Self? The Government? Our personal guns? Our savvy and intellectual charm? But what about the God we profess our faith to?

It brings to mind the days of Daniel. Or the days of Joshua and Caleb.

I bring this up, friends, because marriages and relationships are being divided over this very reason. I encourage you to reread the stories of Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, and (Joshua and Caleb). While you’re at it, look up Luke 21:5-36.

Be encouraged.

Will Long Distance Romance work?

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Was the question I was asked.  My answer didn’t satisfy the probing person because she was considering it for herself with someone.

Here’s your answer:  It’s based on the individuals and the dynamic of the relationship.



However, one where there the individuals have a spouse already – are you wanting me to say yes, just hold on to hope?

I can’t do that. I won’t do that.

I will say that if you start a relationship with someone who has a spouse long distance or right next door, you will be blinded to what a healthy relationship is, once the ‘excitement’ wears off.

If you want to find someone locally, contact us for help.  We can get you started with our Online Cupid Secretary Service and even offer an amazing trial run.

Happy Dating!

A Bit Annoyed – no, REALLY ANNOYED with People and Their Pickiness


I’m more than a bit annoyed today – it’s actually PATHETIC that the SAME PICKY PEOPLE who have unrealistic “standards” don’t get that other people are viewing them THE SAME WAY – and they’re not even normal standards like, oh you know, can the person hold a job and is doing something worthwhile with their lives, is the person still with the spouse, has the person ever been in jail, but DUMB stuff…..You know, YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE SINGLE! Not everyone you meet is going to be your spouse, but you CAN do wonders to LEARN to build friendship and LEARN what that means. And get this, You DON’T EVEN HAVE TO SETTLE – You CAN meet amazing people who are just as Amazing as you think you are…wait..what? You can’t? Oh, well maybe if you get off the pedestal of perfection you placed yourself on and join the rest of the world, the blinders will come off your eyes.

I intentionally picked the images below to show you and ask you if this is what it’s come to – unnecessarily.  Do any of them show your attitude?  And this is all while saying God is in, He’s not, you are – at least unsuccessfully trying to be and you’re ruining it for others out there wanting to truly meet quality people. Just admit you’re bitter and go get counseling to get over it.

Stop being such a hypocritical jerk, or get out of the dating pool!

With Love,

Arikah, your romantic date coach and matchmaker

Two Hearts Offline Matchmaking

p.s. yep, it’s one of those days in the business where the craziest and least likely people to be picky, are just that. And it’s not just for the women, men are there as well. I, unapologetically approve this message.

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too-picky (1)





If this is you, fine, but quit complaining there’s no good people out there. Obviously your way hasn’t been working… You’ve just been too far removed from the scene to recognize it. Just food for thought…


Narrowing Your Search (Attracting Your Perfect One)


Everyone who is pursuing love or, is honestly seeking long-lasting compatible love, it’s very important that they take the time to answer for themselves, questions BEFORE starting a relationship.

Ok, that’s not written in stone, but I can tell you of numerous success stories of those who knew what they wanted for themselves and in their partner when they did take the time to answer some deep questions.  It just saves everyone time.

Taken from Mohan Kumar’s post

Even companies have a code in which they are built from and what the customer can expect.

There are many attractive, people and some who can charm their way into the lives of unsuspecting love-lorn dreamers, but those same attractive people never make it past acquaintance for those wise ones.


These are just general questions to consider.  However, it’s VERY important to understand that regardless of your view or lifestyle, how you answer these questions truly do speak volumes in regards to the type of person you attract.

When working with individuals, I ask some of these and more direct individualized questions to properly assist the client.


  1. What level of commitment are you looking for?
  2. How do you define “being spiritual”?
  3. Do you see yourself as spiritual?
  4. How do you define God?
  5. Do you believe there is a need to have a relationship with a power higher than yourself?
  6. How do you define a committed relationship?


  1. Do you believe; it’s more important to be ethically sound or morally sound; or both or neither?
  2. What is your personal belief system?
  3. Do you believe your personal beliefs influence the outcome of your romantic relationships?man_in_love_1
  1. What do you believe the role of a husband is or should be?
  2. What do you believe the role of a wife is or should be?
  3. How do you define marriage?
  4. How honest are you, to yourself, in revealing the number of relationships you had being based solely on looks or hook-ups?


Hopefully this can scratch the surface into your own knowledge of yourself.

In the meantime, as I get over the sniffles, assist clients, and complete the auditions, rehearsals, and shows going on lately, I will be back as quickly as I can to continue this and get you ready to BOLDLY face February with both barrels loaded!

p.s.  My husband and I have awesomely resolved the differences.  Thank you for your comments and support from earlier!

Until later!

S. Arikah Nash Baly-Jensen, Founder, Two Hearts Offline Matchmaking and Two Ships




You Core Values – (under construction)

minds_under_construction Signage Construction Sign

I had started the list, but decided to go with another approach.  Please note the goal is get you “Valentine’s Day Ready” to find and date your match by you already knowing what is it you are looking for.

A great article to refer you too is written by Mohan Kumar  on how our beliefs are shaped.  I highly suggest reading.

In the meantime, here’s two dating videos for you. If you have any questions, let me know!



Heartbeat: What Do We Call This

I wanted to keep up with this and get others opinions. The Fickle Heartbeat is such an awesome blog that I during my own time of working on getting the app funded and helping clients, readers are still informed and see the difference between healthy and emotionally unhealthy actions in relationships. Make sure you vote on this!

The Fickle Heartbeat

slowly being pushed

Shared by Shakira.

I’ve known you long enough to know your insecurites and your flaws.
I’ve always ben trying to get your attention and now that you say i have it i feel like nothing made of lies and weekness.
I saw you at your cuzin’s house and i felt a strong feeling for you never thought i would feel for anybody because in realtiy i thought that feeling was to good to be true!!

Months past by and you texted me saying ” hey whats up i haven’t heard from you in a while hit me up sometime” when i seen that message it took me like five minutes to reply becuse i wanted to know if ths was really happening.
When i first met you at your cuzin’s house you were in a relationship and i respected that so i tried to so no emotion or feeling.

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