A Bit Annoyed – no, REALLY ANNOYED with People and Their Pickiness


I’m more than a bit annoyed today – it’s actually PATHETIC that the SAME PICKY PEOPLE who have unrealistic “standards” don’t get that other people are viewing them THE SAME WAY – and they’re not even normal standards like, oh you know, can the person hold a job and is doing something worthwhile with their lives, is the person still with the spouse, has the person ever been in jail, but DUMB stuff…..You know, YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE SINGLE! Not everyone you meet is going to be your spouse, but you CAN do wonders to LEARN to build friendship and LEARN what that means. And get this, You DON’T EVEN HAVE TO SETTLE – You CAN meet amazing people who are just as Amazing as you think you are…wait..what? You can’t? Oh, well maybe if you get off the pedestal of perfection you placed yourself on and join the rest of the world, the blinders will come off your eyes.

I intentionally picked the images below to show you and ask you if this is what it’s come to – unnecessarily.  Do any of them show your attitude?  And this is all while saying God is in control..no, He’s not, you are – at least unsuccessfully trying to be and you’re ruining it for others out there wanting to truly meet quality people. Just admit you’re bitter and go get counseling to get over it.

Stop being such a hypocritical jerk, or get out of the dating pool!

With Love,

Arikah, your romantic date coach and matchmaker

Two Hearts Offline Matchmaking

p.s. yep, it’s one of those days in the business where the craziest and least likely people to be picky, are just that. And it’s not just for the women, men are there as well. I, unapologetically approve this message.

51429120 ?????????

too-picky (1)





If this is you, fine, but quit complaining there’s no good people out there. Obviously your way hasn’t been working… You’ve just been too far removed from the scene to recognize it. Just food for thought…



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