Office Romance – or How Not to Lose Your Job, but Still Make Your Move


You see the new, hot honey walk in, looking a bit lost, but gathers himself to the office next to yours.

“Oh MAN, he is CUTE!” your co-worker with the reputation, says eyeing him.  You see other women eye him, too, but he seems oblivious to the attention he is stirring.


Here’s some tips to save face:

1.) Welcome him

2.) If the office gossip hasn’t found out if he’s available, make small talk asking how he is adjusting to the environment, how he heard about the job, complimenting any skill or talent you’ve noticed.  There’s nothing wrong with just looking for one thing to say daily.

3.) Ask if he wants to join you and other co-workers to lunch break

4.) Make sure your breath smells good. And your body. A faint fragrance never hurt anyone.


6.) the best guys say they notice if potential matches show genuine compassion and consideration towards others, does NOT participate in office gossip and presents themselves as self-controlled and stable in their emotions and temperament.

7.) Allow others to compliment you without knowing they are boasting on your behalf.

8.) Do NOT tell anyone in the office of your feelings for the co-worker – even if you all get along.  There’s nothing worse than the awkward tension in the room when it doesn’t work out.

9.) Don’t let lust guide you. It NEVER works out when it does and that’s guaranteed.  In order for something worth having to last, it takes time.

10.) invite him and his significant other to an outing with you and co-workers

11.) Don’t already have the reputation as “having, frequent or occasional office romances”

12.) DON”T post it on your Facebook wall, for crying out!

13.) perhaps buy an extra coffee?


Let me know how this works! Love to hear your stories!

Happy Dating!


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