Short and SAh-weet – Make Sure You Reach Your Goal in 2015


It’s January 2nd, 2015.  Aside from making your weight loss and personal betterment goals, what goals have you made to be with your perfect significant other?

It’s been two days now, have you started?

It may seem far-fetched to think that you will be with your perfect-for-you other. but I’d like to encourage you that this year, you CAN be.  Here are some practical tips to get you started:

1.) Start with the right attitude.  The more you radiate your thoughts of contentment that your other is within arm’s reach, the closer your other will gravitate towards you.  Remember, like attracts like.

2.) Be the person you want to attract.  That simply means in terms of values.  Yes, I know “opposites attract,”  but reiterating the first point, like in values is where like is important.  Just because ‘opposites attract’  doesn’t mean they stay together. Like really does attract and keep like.

3.) Know your value system.  Start off with things like views on loyalty and integrity and temperament. What would you classify as cheating?  Do you fly off the handle or hit when you get angry? How do you believe a person earns and keeps respect?   Knowing how to answer the big tough questions now will save you time and heartache when just a handsome/pretty face tries to impress you.  You won’t be fooled.

4.) Start more conversations and ask sincere questions.  In my working in the matchmaking business, I find that many, many people talk wayyy too much about themselves and then listen to others in ways to discredit the other.  The best way to describe how to counter this is to engage.  Ask genuine questions from the other, and listen to simply listen to the other person. This is to help those seeking, to not have conversations while thinking, ‘is this person the one?’ Especially after only one-two interactions. If you have to ask after two interactions, they are not the one. (people who are sure don’t ask.) If you find yourself naturally thinking this after at least 15 – 20 interactions with the person, at least they are on the list of consideration fairly.

5.) The really great relationships are never rushed.

Promise yourself in 2015, that this year, you will handle your heart (mind, body, and spirit) with care.

Love and peace,


Shakira “Arikah Nash” Baly-Jensen, Founder Two Hearts Offline Matchmaking


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