A Hotline for Love Seekers?


Hey there!

As I was reflecting on services to extend I was curious if you the readers would be interested in having a conference call dedicated to all those who seek loving relationships.

The Monday-Friday call (an hour maximum) would consist of positive encouragement, insight, and reading from some of the successful books out there on the market.  The last 30 minutes would be dedicated to you the callers input. It would be recorded for those to listen to until the following morning.

I had this idea from my morning success, mastermind call, “Think and Grow Rich.”

I’m planning on starting this call on Monday November 17th at 7am Central time.  (I know! That’s early for me too! However with dedication, you will soon see results in your lives (and I also learn, too!)

I’ll have to look to see which book to read from!

Let me know your thoughts! But regardless, you’ll find the call-in number below. For the playback, use the Access code.

Dial-in Number: (805) 399-1000
Access Code: 205919
Playback Number: (805) 399-1099

Love, Peace, Respect

Shakira “Arikah” Baly-Jensen


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