Heartbeat: What Do We Call This

I wanted to keep up with this and get others opinions. The Fickle Heartbeat is such an awesome blog that I during my own time of working on getting the app funded and helping clients, readers are still informed and see the difference between healthy and emotionally unhealthy actions in relationships. Make sure you vote on this!

The Fickle Heartbeat

slowly being pushed

Shared by Shakira.

I’ve known you long enough to know your insecurites and your flaws.
I’ve always ben trying to get your attention and now that you say i have it i feel like nothing made of lies and weekness.
I saw you at your cuzin’s house and i felt a strong feeling for you never thought i would feel for anybody because in realtiy i thought that feeling was to good to be true!!

Months past by and you texted me saying ” hey whats up i haven’t heard from you in a while hit me up sometime” when i seen that message it took me like five minutes to reply becuse i wanted to know if ths was really happening.
When i first met you at your cuzin’s house you were in a relationship and i respected that so i tried to so no emotion or feeling.

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