Is it Really True Love You’re Finding Online? Pt. 2

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I know I’m coming across humorous, however, it really is unfortunate when users of the online dating sites interact with (or just don’t find) matches. The normal result is throwing their hands in the air in disgust and swearing off love – which is NOT in line with what their minds say.  What plays out is a nasty inner turmoil that displays itself as depression, bitterness, sardonic or critical behavior, and isolation from the outside world.

So taking the time to present yourself as the best you, you can be, is vital.






AGAIN...Update your photos; no photos of photos!

online (1)
Please note; answering questions in this manner will also reject your application from Two Hearts Offline Matchmaking

Ok, scratch that. Perhaps presenting photos in social gatherings or environments may work best for some people.  Leave the quirky behaviors on the sites that are set apart for specialty dating sites.

nope..not good enough.
nope..not good enough.

They might be a scammer if:


It is very important to take the time to know how scammers work on online dating sites.  Actually, this is one of the reasons I added this service to my company despite my own feelings of “internet love.”  I knew anyone who is paying for subscriptions on these sites need to have our Cupid Service to help them cut through the clutter.  We do background checks on all “potentials” and work in a way filter through the unwanted.

There are specific sites to further assist you in spotting matches that will be moot.  Here are just a few tips for you, though to better arm you:


e789728afc38ee82beb753f0f142613d 1. Many sites are free to join 2.) Background checks are rare (Not so with Two Hearts!)   and 3.) Naive or unaware users

online scammers n2


It’s so important that take note, pass this along to friends who may be using online dating, although the scammers want money, they will go through an unguarded vulnerable heart who desperately wants love. I became wise to this working with one client, who is older.  Her “potentials” are very quick to mention love, or wanting her to get a Yahoo account to 1.) “chat more quickly” 2.) “start doing videos”  and 3.) Their account was closing soon so please privately email them. They would tell my client these things within the first 5 minutes of initial interaction, and the emails would mention things like the following:



For men they use these pictures to lure them:





There’s nothing scarier than the picture below for my clients and online dating users.  And this is why we are passionate about our service.







This may not be new to you.  However the number of scammers with online dating grows rapidly each day.f637df74c79ae7cb9f345ad405c77e8c

And when asked, even though the scammers took their money, what hurt the most was the heart being dashed and the embarrassment, when the victim finds out the amour was fake. I’m seeing this daily and usually have to clean up the mess to rebuild trust again.




If you need assistance in regards to romantic matchmaking or advice, please contact us at and we’ll be happy to serve you. There’s no reason for you, if you are emotionally healthy and your lifestyle is in order to welcome a love, that you should not be with your love.

Happy Dating. Remember to lead your hearts. Or better yet, allow God to usher you to your chosen one. At least the heart will be fully taken care of.  th (11)

Also remember,

Do not arouse or awaken love before it is time.

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And if you haven’t already, men go here to see if your picture is one that is being tagged as a scammer

Ladies, go here :

Much Love, Peace, and Respect for you,

S. Arikah Nash Baly-Jensen, Founder of Two Hearts



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