It’s coming: The Amazingly, Wonderful, Awesome Dating App

Group of business people lying against white background with thu

No Fooling.

Ok. by now you know me enough to know that my heart aches for those who make unhealthy choices in relationships and choose the wrong one.  You know that my passion is to have everyone who wishes to be married, be with, FROM THE START, someone who understand SELF-Respect and Respect towards others, namely their romantic other.

Well, now, the preview of the new dating app – with YOU in mind, Two Ships, is ready for you to have the first glimpse.

What makes this different from the rest?

For one thing, I want you to be happy.  I want you to smile. I want you not have your heart broken unexpectedly or be trapped in a relationship that is completely unhealthy.  I also don’t want, for you, to know that anything with my name on it perpetuates (unwanted) one-night stands, or infidelity, off-balanced relationships – where one cares for the other more, especially after sex, or broken hearts.

I want you to be educated. I want you to know, with your eyes wide open, who you are professing your heart to, with the hopes that the other person is professing and meaning, the very same things.


I created this new dating app called, Two Ships, for those who were tired of superficial interactions with phony people and seek to meet quality matches for “chance” meetings. Because this is a time sensitive preview, would you be willing to share this with your group?

This is the preview to my new app, Two Ships.

This preview will only be open for 29 days. Upon interest,

like my fb page,

Thank you so much!

Love, Peace, and Respect to you!
Arikah Jensen, Founder, Two Hearts Offline Matchmaking



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