Are You Willing to Take the 30 Day Purity Challenge To Save Your Heart?


I recently read a fb comment that said there was a tv show showing graphic sex scenes and she gave a brief description of it.  Another comment said that the sex scenes didn’t bother her as much, but the graphic violence was what was making her have a hard time viewing. She was talking about another tv show.


Now starting off, I need to say I haven’t seen these shows – and make no apologies or excuses for doing so. I wouldn’t go to ‘Scandal’ parties.  I’ll admit, I’m a Flintstones girl instead of Jetsons; “The Andy Griffith Show” girl instead of “American Dad.”   As a matter of fact, as I listen to various friends speak of these shows and movies in full detail, I usually just quietly nod my head and become more grateful that I hadn’t, although when I do share with others that I don’t watch these shows, they look at me with pity, or shocked that they could meet someone who hasn’t indulged in this movement.  They usually comment about out of touch I am with what’s popular and “in.”



Regardless, I’d like to share with a list that I (and others who do not view things like these) as entertainment :

  1. I am able to properly take responsibility for my own actions in my marriage
  2. I am more forgiving to others – chiefly, my husband, when he makes mistakes without having him have to ‘pay’ for it
  3. I am able to identify situations and people that may possibly create the drama I avoid.
  4. I can easily spot other healthy, stable-minded (in terms of a relationship) men and women who think the same.
  5. I have attracted (and married) a man who I, not only trusts with my life, but who trusts me with his, together doing actions of Peace towards each other, that will only strengthen our bond, including pray together.
  6. There is a sense of purity that I strive to maintain so that I can easily respect others regardless of how they respond to me

 will slide_226917_985527_free

Perhaps that’s why we (collectively, as a general public) miss those days of ‘innocence’ in relationships.


What would happen if you allowed yourself 30 days without?


Thirty days without watching anything above rated G, including news, movies, sitcoms with sexual situations.


For those who HAVE taken this challenge already they have reported

  • to be less stressed
  • to get more restful sleep
  • to enjoy outdoor activities
  • To have less stress driving
  • Less Health issues
  • Boosted esteem
  • Better appreciation for others
  • Reduced the usage of swear words
  • Had a happy more positive day
  • Less arguments with partners; less break-ups

royal_romance_01 c8a02690-3f06-11e4-8860-e333b249f0eb_FB4A1560

black-couple-first-date Portrait Of Young Couple Sitting In Park


Is watching two glamourous people, who always appear in perfect physique – is watching them simulate a meaningless sexual, usually adulterous affair, worth lacking the above ?   Are you really that loyal to the tv networks to keep the ratings up?  Did you know that if you want to find that special someone, if you ‘ban’ the shows that display anything BUT lasting committed relationships, you will begin to see more of a shift in the shows and movies that depict more of how to find and be healthy in relationships?

It all goes back to respect of self and others.. 

Do you accept the challenge?


Join the Facebook page, tell your friends, and let’s support the health of relationships.


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