When We Give Up What We Want Most, For What We Want Now

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In the above picture, it could be said that this would an ideal situation.  Some even try to picture themselves as characters in a movie scene and claim if the above scenario happened to them, they would be never have to be single again, because this is how love looks feeding and satisfying the passionate desires felt by both towards each other. The handsome man; the sexy woman – it’s what keeps romance novels and modern day tv show ratings high.

As I was flipping through the tv stations, I happened to catch words from a poignant preacher, Steven Furtick, (#deathtoself) that actually made me reach for my pen to take notes, some as reminders, some as hearing for the first time. I wanted to share them in terms of dating, commitment, and marriages.

  1. What good is it to gain the whole world (in this case – have a serious relationship) just to lose yourself?  –  What good is it to get the blessing of a relationship (or “your prayers” or search efforts answered), just to be in a relationship where you are compromising yourself, pretending to be someone you are not, constantly arguing and disagreeing, being disrespected, or bringing out the worst in you.

    If you’ve never experienced a type of healthy love where you do not have to “perform” to keep the other person, you won’t be able to recognize, or accept that love when it comes your way.
  2. Have you discovered that you get what you don’t want in a relationship?
  3. God CANNOT bless who you are pretending to be.  If you are not being yourself, but try to emulate other people’s actions to get what you want, that is NOT you – the true you who you were created to be i.e. bed-hopping or premarital sex in dating relationships in search for “love,”  talking, behaving a certain way in order to have a relationship, or (if you are already in a relationship), lying, deceit.
  4. Sometimes we give up what we want the most, just to have what we want now.  –   What we want is true love, to be with someone who “gets” us, someone we can find and call ‘home.’   As that takes time truly getting to know yourself and the standards for defining a healthy relationship (and where you fall in adopting these standards for yourself) and then the other person. Is it possible to tweak your thinking in believing that you truly do attract (and respond to) what you BELIEVE.  If you say you want someone to respect, love and adore you, but you do not carry yourself in a way that is respectful, or you falling for every pretty face or smooth talker out there, how close to finding AND RECOGNIZING that person are you?   537922_4187773408416_137829




Isn’t it getting tiring filing through superficial “flirts?”  Have you become desensitized yet?  Wouldn’t it be better to actually get what you want, because the relationship was meant for you? images (36)

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