31 Tell-tale Signs That Your Potential Love Could be the One – from a Matchmaker’s Perspective


SO the chemical attraction is there, the two of you enjoy being with each other, and you’re considering moving to the next step of a committed relationship. Before you do, make sure you go through a checklist of things that you both will have to endure (meaning things within you – are you being what you want to commit to?) for a long – lasting loving relationship.

  1. Your potential (love) is open to mention any unforgiven grudges he/she may have, AND that he/she is willing to forgive
  2. Your potential does not seek revenge towards someone
  3. Your potential is not critical of you or others
  4. You know what your potential is bringing to the table
  5. Your potential knows that your relationship is beneficial beyond themselves
  6. Even when your potential is angered, he/she practices self-control
  7. Your potential shares their plans with you
  8. Your potential leaves a tip for servers at the restaurant
  9. Your potential is driven, in regards to their own dream, regardless of their results
  10. Your potential does not make excuses for not completing tasks
  11. Your potential does not joke at the expense of others or is not cynical
  12. Your potential treats your pets or children with respect – not just “nice”
  13. Your potential calmly resolves matters without rage or losing self-control
  14. You don’t make excuses for your potential
  15. Your potential welcomes time apart from each other
  16. You have not lost yourself and things about you
  17. Your potential shows kind, selfless acts without mentioning to you to make you feel guilty
  18. Your potential practices self-control with spending habits
  19. Your potential takes time to worship God
  20. Your potential shares deep communications with you face to face – not text
  21. Your potential man asks for your hand – and intentions, with you
  22. You are able to safely plan the wedding without objection from him
  23. Your potential keeps his/her word – say what they mean and mean what they say
  24. You are willing to spend your life committed to this person, even through sickness.
  25. Your potential cares for you when you are sick and is willing to stay with you during sickness and health, good times and bad times, and vice versa.
  26. Your potential does not, will not, or have not ever threaten physical harm towards you or property
  27. Your potential has not cheated on you or with you.
  28. Your potential protects and respects you when he/she are with their friends and does not talk bad about you
  29. Your potential trusts you and you trust him/her.
  30. Your relationship is loving and affectionate regardless if sex is in the picture.
  31. When you prayed for a sign, your gut is settled and calm.

Keep in mind this is all BEFORE the relationship reaches a committed point.

Any others?

Your thoughts?



2 thoughts on “31 Tell-tale Signs That Your Potential Love Could be the One – from a Matchmaker’s Perspective”

  1. Those 31 things to look for, well it’s just an awesome way to point someone in the correct direction. To make sure they are looking in the proper perspective


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