“Trying” to Meet the Right Person – Pt. 2

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Do not arouse or awaken love before it is time….


In the last blog, I shared how I finally let go and actually began to enjoy myself on the dates, without setting expectations on myself to be perfect or the other guy.  Now I’d like to further share with you how to just calm down and enjoy the ride.

Look at the following pictures for at least 10 seconds. Count if you must but, give yourself enough time to ‘sink’ into each of the pictures and breath while you do:

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You should be feeling a state of calm – to meditate.  Stillness. If not, do it again (unless you fear water and it freaked you out the first time.)

My point, is that you need to BREATHE….RELAX…and BELIEVE.


If you want to be someone’s wife, your practicals should still be carrying on with your everyday activities, AND also preparing to create a peaceful home environment. By that I mean, is your financial discipline in tact? Are you practicing forgiveness for others, which, especially in the beginning, will be a muscle that will definitely be worked?  Are you praying over him?

If you are ready for your wife, are you being mindful of how to communicate with the females in your life? Are you preparing ways to show your love? Are you already praying over her?

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Whether or not you do believe in a High Power, the practice of putting peaceful thoughts over your loved one is one that promises stability of yourself, regardless the outcome.  By that, I mean sending peace will go MUCH further than building a list of uncommunicated and unrealistic expectations for the other person.  Naturally, this will lead to divorce.

Speaking of which, it’s a good time to decide where you stand on divorce.  If divorce is not an option for you, then the time, care, and counsel BEFOREHAND is priceless in choosing your spouse.  I know I’m jumping ahead, but if you’ve gotten this far in your reading, then clearly, you are still seeking a change in your relationship status.

th (11)

Guard and care for your heart, by leading  it.

Tonight, I just watched and laughed at the Andy Griffith episode, “My Fair Ernest,” but was reminded of the lengths we go through to find our matches.  Click below and smile.


If you are not smiling by now, please go back up and look at the pictures. My goal here is to simply steer you in the direction of calmness in your search.  Remember, finding your love, or at least enjoying your dates, start with breathing through the process.

I hope all this helps clear any lingering anxiety in your search.  Please contact me for any further tips, advice, or service. I’d love to hear from you!



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Happy dating!

S. Arikah, Two Hearts Offline Matchmaking

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