Where Have All the Cowboys Gone?

…And by Cowboys, I mean the hard workers, the gentlemen, who know right from wrong; that an honest handshake and staring straight in the eye, went with holding to his word because it is his bond; the honest and true men who know how to saddle up a wild stallion while tying that lone piece of hay (or cigarette, but gag!), that’s hanging from his mouth, into knots with his tongue?


th (41)

Where have those men gone who could provide for themselves; know how to use their minds to provide for their family; who understands that his woman actually enjoys dressing up every so often; just to go out have him woo her so to come home and dress down or take it off?

Where is that man who knows he answers to a Higher Power greater than him – and it’s not his emotions, his desires, the government, or his fears?

Where is that man who guides his children to be all that they can be, and while showing them a father’s love, how a man properly loves his wife, and how a man is suppose to be?

Where are they?

Being raised by single mothers who are struggling to make ends meet.

Being witness to the rage from the men they’re suppose call father.

Being spoiled by women who will compromise their virtue just to have them love or even notice them.

Being seduced by the notion that they must have more to have it all.

Being told, by women, they’re not “man enough.”

Being convinced by society that they’re not “bad enough,” or handsome enough, or young enough.

Losing self control and everything within them.


or Dead.


The folktales have depicted this man, and I know he isn’t fantasy.  And just like I found my “cowboy,” (i.e. Good Man) there are more out there searching.  Only these men are not as apparent, not as obvious, but are quietly watching your actions, watching how often you smile or sharing your smiles with others, complaining vs. explaining, listening, gossipping,  how you love life, how you handle difficult situations –  because just as you are strong, mentally, mature women, the strong, mentally mature man wants to know that as he will appreciate you, you are equally able to respect him – without losing your beautiful self in the process. If you have any less than that ladies – or men, the relationship is not benefiting either of you.

All I can say, ladies, is that I know, I didn’t take the last one.

th (42)








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